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With this app for Android, you will now be able to access their Microsoft Lists (including SharePoint lists) on the go anytime, anywhere by using Microsoft Lists for Android.

With Lists, you can manage events, track issues and assets, help with new-employee onboarding, and keep coordinated across inventory. With access on the go, easy sharing, and quick photo capture, you can keep everyone connected with the latest information using Microsoft Lists.

Microsoft Lists for Android


Where are Microsoft Lists stored?

Microsoft Lists is a new application that’s been added to Microsoft 365 to modernize the lists available in SharePoint and recently became available for consumer users with an MSA account.

With two different versions of Microsoft Lists it is important to know where the data gets store depending on the options that you choose when using the application.

Microsoft Lists Storage


How to hide Microsoft Lists columns in forms conditionally

Microsoft Lists allows you to format the forms using JSON and also allows you to show/hide columns conditionally based on the data that is stored in the item.

In this article you will learn how the conditional formulas work and how you can add them to the to list columns individually.

Conditionally display columns in Microsoft Lists


Understand Microsoft Lists Comments VS Conversation when using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Lists allows you to create comments for each item and this feature comes handy for scenarios where you have multiple users reading or modifying information in the same item.

Comments are available in all versions of Microsoft Lists however when using a list in Microsoft Teams this feature and the Teams application conversation can be easily mix-up potentially leading to a loss of information.

Comments VS Conversations in Microsoft Lists


How to install Microsoft Lists as a PWA application

A progressive web application (PWA) is by definition a software application delivered through the web built using web technologies.

Microsoft Lists is one of the first Microsoft 365 application becoming available as a PWA and in this article I’ll explain you how to get it installed to get a full experience and to get access to offline mode.

Microsoft Lists PWA application


How to use modern lookup columns in Microsoft Lists

Lookup columns allows you to enforce a relationship between different sources of data in your data system. This feature is a simplistic version of the classic relationship between tables in a data base.

Up until recently this type of data was only available through the classic interface of SharePoint but now it’s made a debut in the modern interface of Microsoft Lists and can be used without jumping between 2 different environments.

Lookup columns


How to create a Kanban board using Microsoft Lists

A Kanban board is a tool created for agile project development that is now available at your fingertips in Microsoft Lists, providing you a better interface to manage work at personal or organizational level.

The new board view provides an interface to that allows you so visualize the various stages of any type of data stored in Microsoft Lists, while at the same time allows you to move them across stages by dragging and dropping items into different buckets.

Microsoft Lists Kanban board view


How to remove a custom list template from Microsoft Lists

Custom list templates are a great solution to easily distribute and deploy your lists to the entire organization, however over time they may need to be removed or updated.

If a template available for your organization no longer makes sense or if you want to deploy a new version first, you should remove the existing one to prevent getting duplicates.

Remove custom list template


How to create a To Do list using SharePoint and Microsoft Lists view formatting – Part 3

After all the work you’ve done to implement the To Do list in Microsoft Lists is a bit disappointing not being able to share it with others.

If you are reading this article after going through the implementation or if you jumped all the configuration steps directly to here let me tell you that once you execute the code I’m providing in this article, all users will be able to take advantage of your new To Do list.

To Do list for SharePoint and Microsoft Lists


How to create a To Do list using SharePoint and Microsoft Lists view formatting – Part 2

With a custom view formatting you can completely transform the look and feel of a list making it work almost as a standalone application.

If you have done all the steps explained in the first part of this article now it is time to improve the layout and the interaction of users with your To Do list.

To Do list for SharePoint and Microsoft Lists


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