Where are Microsoft Lists stored?

Microsoft Lists is a new application that’s been added to Microsoft 365 to modernize the lists available in SharePoint and recently became available for consumer users with an MSA account.

With two different versions of Microsoft Lists it is important to know where the data gets store depending on the options that you choose when using the application.

Microsoft Lists Storage

Where are Microsoft Lists stored in Microsoft 365?

When using lists in Microsoft 365 with your corporate account, lists can get stored in two locations depending on the scope that you choose when creating the list.

If you are planning to create a list that will be used just by you, and you’ve selected My lists in the Save to option the list will be stored on your personal SharePoint site, the same site you access to open the files stored in OneDrive.

On the other hand, if you are planning to create a list that is shared by multiple users in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, then the list gets stored in the SharePoint site collection where it was created.

Where are Microsoft Lists stored with MSA accounts?

If you are using Microsoft Lists with your personal Microsoft account, your list will be stored in your personal OneDrive, despite the different URL (https://lists.live.com).

Technically under the hood Microsoft Lists MSA is running the same old SharePoint but with a lot of engineering on top of it to be available to the consumer market.

If you want to know more about Microsoft Lists MSA I recommend you listen the Intrazone PodCast below with Mark Kashman and Miceile Barrett.

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