Formatting grouped list headers with user profile pictures

Grouping a list in SharePoint or Microsoft Lists, makes it easier to view and analyze the data as the information is aggregated by one column.

In this article I’m explaining how you can group a list and format the header of the group with the creator name and profile picture to make it easier to find the information.

Formatting grouped list headers with user profile pictures


How to migrate lists using PnP PowerShell

Lists migration in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists is the process of moving lists from one site or tenant to another one.

Migrations can be necessary for a variety of reasons, including upgrading an existing intranet, merging multiple site collections, or consolidating data from different sites. The migration process can be complex and time-consuming, as it requires careful planning and execution to ensure that all data is accurately transferred and that there is no loss or corruption of information.

Migrate SharePoint lists using PnP PowerShell


How to modify a list column name in Microsoft Lists

A column name in a list is used to help users to identify what type of information is store in each cell. Throughout the live of projects in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists requirements can change or you can have made a typo when creating the lists.

If you face yourself in this situation, in this article I’m showing you how to easily modify the column name and what things should you take into consideration when doing it.

Rename Microsoft Lists column


How to custom order playlists in Microsoft Lists

In my previous blog post I’ve explained how to create Video Playlists using the new awesome Microsoft Lists playlist template, and today I’m showing how you can tweak it a little bit to organize the videos.

By default, videos are shown in the playlist by the order they were added  without an option to sort them differently, but with a small customization this behavior can be easily modified.

Order Microsoft Lists playlist


How to create a video playlist for Stream Videos

A video playlist is a collection of videos, typically related in some way, that play in a specific order. Playlists are commonly found on video sharing platforms like YouTube and allow users to watch a series of videos without having to manually search for and select each video.

Recently SharePoint lists and Microsoft Lists got a new playlist template that can be used to create playlists of Videos hosted in SharePoint that are reproduced in the new version of Microsoft Stream.

Microsoft Lists video playlist


How to format a Microsoft Lists Calendar view

Modern SharePoint and Microsoft Lists calendar views are available for some time now and I covered the creation process already here in the blog.

What I’m explaining in this post is how you can easily format the calendar with colors to better identify the items throughout the month.

Format Microsoft Lists and SharePoint calendars


How to create a Year view in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists

With the year starting it is time to recreate or update the systems used last year to store and manage information, and that’s exactly what I’m doing in these first days of the year.

Last year I started to use a list to manage payments and I would like to continue to use the same one this year, at the same time I would like to create year views to access the data from separate years when needed.

SharePoint and Microsoft Lists Year view


How to get an ICS file from a modern list item

With classic SharePoint there was a calendar template that could be connected to Outlook and had the possibility to generate ICS files for each one of the events. List have evolved since the old days of SharePoint 2007 and with the modern SharePoint and Microsoft Lists it is possible to transform any list into a calendar view, even the ones that were not designed with that primary goal in mind.

The flexibility provided by the modern lists is great, however it’s no longer possible to connect them to Outlook or to download an ICS file to add the event to a personal calendar.

In this article I’ll explain you how to get an ICS file that you can use in your personal Outlook calendar from any list using Power Automate integrated with Microsoft Lists.

Get ICS from modern list templates


Create solutions for Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is revolutionizing the classic lists from SharePoint, bringing new configuration and customization options that allow any user to transform tabular data into things like To Do lists or Kanban boards without the need of writing code.

I’ve been doing a session where I explain how to take advantage of Microsoft Lists to implement complete solutions for Microsoft Teams and in this blog post you will be able to find all the list formatting shown during my sessions.

Microsoft Lists formatting


Get Microsoft Lists for Android

With this app for Android, you will now be able to access their Microsoft Lists (including SharePoint lists) on the go anytime, anywhere by using Microsoft Lists for Android.

With Lists, you can manage events, track issues and assets, help with new-employee onboarding, and keep coordinated across inventory. With access on the go, easy sharing, and quick photo capture, you can keep everyone connected with the latest information using Microsoft Lists.

Microsoft Lists for Android


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