Microsoft Lists Forms vs Microsoft Forms – When use Which?

In the world of data collection and user feedback, Microsoft has been a key player with its versatile tools: Microsoft Lists and Microsoft Forms.

With the recent release of the new forms experience for Microsoft Lists, the dynamics of this two amazing tools have changed a bit, let’s dive into what each tool offers and when you should use one over the other.

Microsoft Lists Forms vs Microsoft Forms


Enhancing Data Management with Microsoft Lists Forms and Form Formatting

Microsoft Lists is a great tool for data collection in your organization. With the introduction of Microsoft Lists Forms, the process has been refined, offering a more targeted and user-centric approach. A key advantage of this new feature is the selective exposure of fields to users, safeguarding the full data schema of your list.

Despite this advancement, the feature does not differentiate the data input by the user from the subsequent additions made by someone with full list access. The fields are displayed side by side, which can lead to a mix-up of user-input data with that intended for the list owner.

Enhancing Data Management with Microsoft Lists Forms and Form Formatting


The Column Type Checklist for Microsoft Lists Forms

Microsoft Lists has introduced a new feature that streamlines the process of creating and managing lists: Microsoft Lists Forms. This addition is a significant step forward, enhancing the functionality of Microsoft Lists by providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface to add data to the lists.

However, it’s important to note that not all column types available in Microsoft Lists are currently supported in Microsoft Lists Forms. This limitation is something to keep in mind when designing your forms.

Microsoft Lists Forms - Column Type checklist


Microsoft Lists Forms: Your Step-by-Step Starter Guide

Do you know that you can also use Microsoft Lists to create and share custom forms, such as registration forms, surveys or even quizzes? With Microsoft Lists Forms, you can easily design and distribute forms in your organization to collect feedback, opinions, or answers from your audience.

Microsoft Lists Forms is a new feature that was just released for Microsoft 365 users. It can be compared to Microsoft Forms, however, unlike Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Lists Forms integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Lists and allows you to create forms from existing list data or from scratch in minutes.

Microsoft Lists Forms - Step-by-Step Starter Guide


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