Define lists gallery view as default view in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists

Views in SharePoint lists and Microsoft Lists allow you to format and pre-filter the information that is displayed in the lists.

One of the options available out of the box to use as a view is the gallery layout that transforms any list row into a tile featuring image and person columns.

Microsoft Lists gallery view


How to rename the Title column in SharePoint lists and Microsoft Lists

The Title column was one of the major pain points SharePoint lists had in the past as it was impossible to remove it, or even rename to adjust it to the context of the list.

Since July 2020 and with the release of Microsoft Lists is now possible to easily rename the Title column in 3 easy steps.

Rename Title column


Format an image column with preview in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint

Microsoft Lists and SharePoint lists now include a column type dedicated exclusively to images that allows a user to upload an image directly to the form and displays a small thumbnail of the image in the list view.

This was a massive improvement when compared with the classic hyperlink/picture column type and in this article, I will show you how to take the new Image column type to the next using column formatting.

Custom column formatting Microsoft Lists and SharePoint


Create Microsoft Lists and SharePoint custom forms without using Power Apps

List forms are generated automatically when a new list is created but sometimes it simply does not meet the business requirements and when that happens you need to create custom forms.

SharePoint list forms can be customized since forever and if you know the platform for a log time, things like InfoPath and Power Apps might sound familiar to you as these were the tools used to build custom forms.

Microsoft Lists and SharePoint custom form


How to define a modern calendar view as default view

As seen in the previous article SharePoint and Microsoft Lists now have a modern calendar view that can be applied to any list.

While trying to define the calendar as a default view I’ve found two blocker issues and end up with a broken calendar not showing any information, thankfully PowerShell can always be used in situations like this when the interface does not fulfill the expectations.

Default calendar view


How to create a list calendar view

After years dealing with the classic SharePoint calendar finally Microsoft has made the modern calendar available for Microsoft Lists and SharePoint.

If you were used to the classic calendar you must know that the new approach to the calendar is completely different and there is no such thing as a calendar template.

This means that any existing list can suddenly become a calendar, the only requirement is the existence of a date column in the list!

Microsoft Lists Calendar view


Microsoft Lists for administrators – The ultimate guide

Microsoft Lists is the new kid on the block in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with users and administrators still discovering all the new features that were brought by the application to SharePoint lists.

Despite being new features you as an administrator have control to decide which of them are available to the end users, and things like personal lists, list templates and comments can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

Microsoft Lists for administrators - The ultimate guide


How to save a Microsoft Lists personal lists as a template

Microsoft Lists has introduced the concept of personal lists that are stored in the user my site and are only visible to the user.

In this article I’ll explain you step by step how you can use an existent personal list to create a template that you can later reuse to create new lists.

Microsoft Lists template


What’s new for Microsoft Lists from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Lists are the new kid on the block and even as a newbie in the Microsoft ecosystem it has received a lot of attention during Microsoft Ignite.

Despite being released worldwide in July, Microsoft Lists had also a few announcements and new features showcased during Ignite 2020 and I’m bringing them to you in this posts.

Microsoft Ignite 2020


Share Lists and List items to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has spoiled some of the features that are being developed for Microsoft Lists like the calendar view (watch the video about it here) and a dedicated app for Microsoft Teams, all of this is great but there are still space for improvements and the solution I bring you here today is a proof of that.

SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Lists are three different products that have more in common that it might seem in the first place and with this in mind I’ve decided to develop a solution to connect the 3 platforms with a single click!

SharePoint loves Microsoft Lists


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