How to remove a custom list template from Microsoft Lists

Custom list templates are a great solution to easily distribute and deploy your lists to the entire organization, however over time they may need to be removed or updated.

If a template available for your organization no longer makes sense or if you want to deploy a new version first, you should remove the existing one to prevent getting duplicates.

Remove custom list template


Fix view formatting not showing all items

View formatting allows you transform the way data is displayed in a list using a mix of JSON and HTML, with both together you will be able to create new layouts and even new functionalities for your lists.

Despite all this power there is a known bug that prevents the list from showing more than 30 items once the formatting is applied to a list view.

Float left


How to format a group header to display the week day in Microsoft Lists

While working with Microsoft lists the other day came up with a solution to create a custom list view to display the items created during the current week, before jumping into this article I recommend you have a look to the original post here, to get familiar with this concept.

In this post I’ll show how to format the view group headers using a custom list formatting that shows the day of the week and the number of items created.

How to format a group header to display the week day in Microsoft Lists


How to group items in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint list views

The group items feature in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint lists allows you to group items with the same value in a specific column.

Groups in Microsoft Lists are applied to a view and are displayed as collapsible elements with the group name and the number of items being displayed in the header of the section.

How to group items in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint lists


How to clear date time value from a list using column formatting

Deleting a date column value in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint lists without using the item form is an impossible task as this column type needs to receive a date in a specific format and does not accept empty values.

With column formatting however it is possible to workaround this limitation and hide the date when it is not needed, in this article I’ll show you a possible solution for it.

clear date time from SharePoint lists and Microsoft Lists


How to create a current week view in Microsoft Lists

Creating views in Microsoft Lists is a straightforward process and it can be done using the UI to apply filters, group elements or even order the items as you wish. Despite the simplicity you can go a step further and use expressions and functions to display your data in different formats and create advanced views.

In this article you will learn how to create a view to filter the items created in the current week from Monday to Sunday.

Week View Microsoft Lists


Microsoft Lists is coming to Android – Learn how to get access to the Private Preview

Microsoft has released Microsoft Lists for iOS devices in the beginning of the year and this week at Ignite a new version compatible with Android devices just got announced.

The mobile version of Microsoft Lists gives you access to data while on the go with an interface adjusted to the small screens making the interaction with data a pleasant experience.

Microsoft Lists for Android


How to add custom list templates to Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists, an evolution of SharePoint lists was released with several predefined templates that can be used as a starting point when creating a new list. Despite including templates this new platform was missing the list template feature that was available in the classic world of SharePoint.

List templates in Microsoft Lists can only be created by the global administrator and the process is only available using PowerShell.

Add custom list templates to Microsoft Lists


Hands-On Microsoft Lists book is now available

I’m happy to announce that today the book I co-authored with Rene Modery about Microsoft Lists is getting published.

Microsoft Lists is an extremely flexible and powerful platform for creating custom data models. Hands-On Microsoft Lists is an easy-to-read guide for those who want to get started with Lists, as well as those who are already familiar with the basic concepts and want to create custom and flexible Lists that are easily available through a web interface.

Hands-On Microsoft Lists book


Define lists gallery view as default view in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists

Views in SharePoint lists and Microsoft Lists allow you to format and pre-filter the information that is displayed in the lists.

One of the options available out of the box to use as a view is the gallery layout that transforms any list row into a tile featuring image and person columns.

Microsoft Lists gallery view


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