How to become a Microsoft Lists superhero

The very first Ignite for Microsoft Lists just came to an end and I’m very impressed with the number of sessions about Microsoft Teams for a brand-new product released just two months ago.

If you are you getting started with Microsoft Lists and feeling lost, don’t worry this playlist will make you a Lists superhero.

Five super useful videos from Microsoft that explain the basics with examples that cover all the features available and coming soon to the platform.

Get started with Microsoft Lists

Get a good look at Microsoft Lists – your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365. See how Lists evolve from SharePoint lists to empower individuals and teams to create, share and track information – including innovation in Microsoft Teams. Lots of demos highlighting all entry points and capabilities.

Organize business information with Microsoft Lists

It’s time to make a list your own. In this video you will learn how to use and create views, configure conditional formatting, adjust forms and more. You’ll start as session new to Lists and leave a list maker!

Designing the Microsoft Lists experience

Join in and learn how the Microsoft Design team behind Lists approached designing a new List app. You’ll learn more about the problems, principles and approaches. In deep dives, you’ll see how they designed simple, beautiful UX that helps people be productive every day, with a strong focus on accessibility and inclusion.

Microsoft Teams ❤ Microsoft Lists

Content collaboration meets information management meets conversation flexibility. Lists plus Teams brings it all together. Get to know how you and your colleagues can best create, share and track lists and list items all from within the UI comfort of Microsoft Teams.

Working with files and lists in Microsoft Teams

Get the most of working with lists and files directly inside Microsoft Teams. We’ll walk thru numerous scenarios when using the new Lists app in Teams and benefitting from the Files tab integration with the power of content services powered by SharePoint. In this session we will cover a breadth of innovation when working with information and documents across how you access, share and collaborate on lists and files within Teams channels you use.

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