How to concatenate a column value using column formatting

When formatting list columns in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists you might have the need to concatenate a column value to modify value in the new structure representing the information.

With list formatting you can concatenate a column value with other columns or strings using an operator, in this article I will show you how to concatenate a values to get a different value in the column using the YouTube thumbnail formatting from one of my previous articles.

Concatenate List values

To concatenate two or more values, you will need to use the + operator along with an array with all the values you want to see together as represented in the following example.

"elmType": "img",
"attributes": {
	"src": {
	  "operator": "+",
	  "operands": [
		"=substring(@currentField, 32, 44)",

In the above example you can also observe the substring function that is used to split a column value, to learn more about this process have a look here.

The following list has all the types that can be used in the concatenation along with a basic representation of each one.

  • A simple string – “this is a string”
  • A value from the column itself – @currentField
  • A value from another columns – [$FieldName]

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